Learn more about each of our regular Pilates classes - from burning fat, to building muscle, coordination, and endurance.

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Pilates Classes


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Back to Basics

Whether you're a beginner or want to take a step back to refocus on the core fundamentals of Pilates, in this class you will learn or relearn breath work, mat work, proper core engagement, and overall basic Pilates knowledge to make you comfortable to try all our other classes!

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Woman teaching another woman a Pilates pose on a reformer
Build Muscle

Athletic Pilates

Personal Training and Pilates meet to create the ultimate workout! Equipped with heavy resistance and weights we will work your muscles to their maximum capacity with multiple compound sets of the same workout then finishing with toning exercises to burn you out.

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A woman from the back with small weights leaning forward on a reformer

Stretch & Strength

50 minutes of slowing it down. Focusing on stretching, core work, and proper alignment. The goal of this class is to enhance what your Pilates workouts do for your body in your day-to-day.

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Woman from the back and in a mirror using a Pilates reformer
Figure Building


This class will be focusing on Glute Growth! We will be incorporating compound movements with heavy weights while also working on core strength, and some upper body to create the perfect hourglass figure!

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A woman using weights doing a lunge on a reformer
High Intensity

HIIT the Lights

Challenge yourself in our High Intensity Interval Training class. During this 50 minute class we will focus on supersets  and little breaks so this will get the high heart rate and really burn those calories. The LED lights going to the music in the dark studio will get you focused on yourself and pushing to the max. Level 1 & 2.

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A woman from the back pointing up in Forme Pilates Studio
Ultimate Burn


Working on the Tower and Mat to incorporate some Barre where smaller movements with higher repetitions are done for the ultimate burn. This Tower and Reformer class will have your muscles shaking!

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A woman from the back on her toes doing a squat on a reformer bar
Coordination & Endurance


Jumpboard is Pilates form of cardio! This high-intensity class that challenges coordination and muscle endurance will have your heart pumping!

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A group of women using a jump board on a Pilates reformer