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Simple Pricing

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Woman teaching another woman a Pilates pose on a reformer

Drop in group class rate: $45
Intro Specials:

choose one.
Offer valid For 30 days after purchase.

1 intro group class: $20

4 group classes: $70

1 private class with an instructor: $60

4 private classes with an instructor: $200

1 semi-private with an instructor & plus one: $40 / each

4 semi-private classes $150 / each

For private group rates - inquire at info@forme.fitness we host private events, bachelorette parties, girls groups, and are open to collaborating with local businesses and beyond.

Monthly Contracts:

$89: 4 group classes a month

$169: 12 group classes a month

If you run out of  group classes you have the option to add on more for $15 each or upgrade your membership

Private & Semi Private Packages:

Valid for 60 DAYS after purchase.

Private single: $100

Private 4 pack: $360

Private 8 pack: $700

Semi-private single: $60 / each

Semi-private 4 pack: $220 / each

Semi-private 8 pack: $420 / each

Forme Unlimited

Forme UNLIMITED $249

Enjoy Pilates everyday! Get the freedom to schedule as many classes as you’d like, and bring in up to two different besties a month.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment where people of all ages and fitness levels can cultivate physical and mental harmony. We believe in the power of movement as a catalyst for personal growth, and we strive to inspire our clients to lead balanced, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

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Woman teaching another woman a Pilates pose on a reformer