December 10, 2021

What can you expect from your first visit to a Pilates studio?

Pilates is a great form of exercise, but it’s true that seeing a Pilates studio for the first time can be a bit intimidating. There’s plenty of equipment and contraptions that make you wonder how you could ever use them. We’re here to tell you it’s ok, and you WILL be able to.

Pilates is a great exercise option because it’s built around the idea of improving your core strength but still staying accessible to people of all fitness levels. Your Pilates class will see you work closely with a professional, who will be happy to show you the ropes.

But before you go, it helps to know what to expect, and what you need to bring. Keep reading to find out what you can expect from your first visit to a Pilates studio:

What To Bring To A Pilates Studio

When you’re joining your first Pilates class, you won’t need as much as you think. The Pilates studio will likely have all the equipment that you will be using.

With that being said, some people prefer to bring their own mats, for example, but if you plan to do this be sure that you are using a Pilates mat. These mats are a bit thicker than your typical yoga mat and provide extra padding during your workout. Your Pilates teacher may be able to recommend a good brand.

Remember the studio will have mats that you can make use of before you purchase your own.

Another thing you can bring is your water bottle and a small sweat towel.

What To Wear To Your First Pilates Class

Pilates classes are usually pretty casual, and you should keep your clothing simple and easy to move in.

You don’t want to wear anything like a tie-back top or belt. Ideally, no clothing with loose drawstrings should be worn either because it could get caught in the Pilates equipment. The same goes for any jewelry you usually wear that might snag or loose hair that can cause an issue.

If you usually wear make-up, try to come fresh-faced. You’ll be sweating a lot and you don’t want to stain any of the mats or equipment - plus it’s better for your skin to take a breather.

Pilates is typically practiced without shoes, and you may want to purchase some Pilates socks before your first class. These are socks with little rubber grips on the bottom that prevent your feet from slipping.

What Your First Pilates Workout Will Be Like

Most Pilates workouts are made up of a combination of mat workouts done on the floor with minimal equipment and exercises done on the Pilates machines.

Beginners usually find mat work the easiest place to get started. You’ll go through repetitions and sets of typical Pilates exercises that are targeted at building strength.

Once you are warmed up, your teacher will take you through the steps of using the machines.

Last Do’s And Don’ts For Your First Pilates Class

If you are going to attend your first Pilates class, make sure you are on time. The instructor will likely want to go over a few things with you before the class has started and you don’t want to slow them or the class down when it’s already in full swing.

Make sure you do a brief warm-up before class (even more reason to be a bit early). A few quick stretches will help ensure that you don’t get too sore the day after. You can also ask your teacher or instructor about the best stretches to do and other warm-up moves they may recommend.

Another thing to keep in mind is that being a no-show is a no-go. If you’ve booked a class, be sure to give the instructor the courtesy of showing up or at least canceling early so that they can fill the spot.

Lastly, it’s a must to be transparent with your instructor about any injuries or changes to your health that could affect your training. Share your concerns early so that your instructor can work with you to overcome them instead of ignoring an injury and potentially worsening it.

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